Now blogging from Seattle…

I am happily writing this post in my living room (on the IKEA kitchen table I just put together) in Seattle (Magnolia), WA. We have been here since Wednesday morning and have already enjoyed driving around downtown and making trips to IKEA and Starbucks. BTW – We are excited to see that Starbucks here has recycling and composting right in the store for the consumer waste!  Today, our plan is to enjoy the park by our apartment and then head to Trader Joe’s and Peet’s Coffee. So far, so good. We just got internet yesterday morning.

I technically don’t start work at SPU until Sept 1, so we have a little time to sight-see and get settled in. I hope to really get back into blogging about the middle of September, but with some updates before then.


3 thoughts on “Now blogging from Seattle…

  1. Hi Nijay,
    I got to know your future colleages at the SNTS meeting in Berlin. They are great guys! All the best for your start!
    Somehow your book didn’t make it to the de Gruyter conference exhibition. But thanks for mentioning me in the preface. Enjoy the time off,

  2. Nijay,

    As I mentioned in another post you had about Seattle, I am a reader of your blog and will also be out there at the end of the month. I am pretty ecstatic about it, because my wife and I love that area so much and are ready to call it home. I trust you are getting settled and also beginning to enjoy it as much as myself.


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