John Barclay in the latest Expository Times

One of my doctoral supervisors, John M.G. Barclay, is someone who has commanded deep respect from nearly everyone in the guild. He is wise, patient, judicious, and warm (when he is not examining!). I think he could have gone the route of being prolific and taking up every book-writing opportunity – he certainly has the brains and clout for it. But he has taken a different path – he has chosen his projects carefully and has worked (from our perspective) slowly so that what he does write is critical and always penetrating.

So, when Barclay does publish something, it is worth reading; a rare gem, but a gem nonetheless.

He leads off the latest Expository Times with an article applying Paul’s food ethic to modern problems in the world regarding…food. I haven’t read it yet (awaiting electronic access through the university), but from the abstract it certainly seems like it will be food for thought (pun totally intended).