Do you know about Bible Study Magazine?

If you are a pastor and/or teach the Bible in any way (university, sunday school, home bible study), you really need to know about Bible Study Magazine. It is relatively new, but extremely well produced and full of outstanding content. Some of their charts and graphics are stunning and will reach students and young adults in ways that surpass other forms of communication.

This magazine is not cheesy or parochial. Nor is it obsessively trendy. It is the right balance of “ecumenical” (in the good sense!), orthodox, and relevant.

I am a little bit biased because I am friends with some of the BSM folks and also I wrote an article in the most recent issue (on the law in Galatians, check it out!). However, I have been talking about and appreciating this magazine before they asked me to write (honestly!).

For a great discussion of Bible translations and why all the fuss, check out Dan Wallace’s piece.

Honestly, given all of the shallow “Christian” magazines out there, I was surprised (before I knew of BSM) that there was not something really good that goes deep and brings the Bible to life. I used to read Discipleship magazine by Navpress but that was more focused on (duh) discipleship. There was Bible Review, which I loved, but that is gone (I think). This mag fills a great void. I wish I had the funds to get my own subscription. Hmm…if I write for every issue I will get it for free…hmm….

Seriously – check it out.


One thought on “Do you know about Bible Study Magazine?

  1. I checked it out…very good. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. The article on translations was encouraging. I like the way he gave both the NASB and the NRSV a fair evaluation. To often I think students are forced to choose one and reject the other. Not a helpful perspective in my opinion.

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