Prezi to spice up your presentations!

So, I do Powerpoint – it has become the academic standard for how to keep students and auditors “engaged” and to inform and inspire in ways that appeal from a visual/audio standpoint. Fair enough.

How can we “kick it up a notch”? How can we spice it up even further? Look no further-  introducing Prezi – the next big thing in presentation software. And – the most important part – its free!

At some seminars for SPU that I attended recently, many presenters were using Prezi just because it looks cool and does cool things. It can’t do everything that Powerpoint can, but there are some things that will just seem more fluid and visually comprehensible thanks to what Prezi does.

Now, it is not going to replace what I do with Powerpoint. For now I am using Prezi (did my first test-run today at home) for some things that zoom in and out looking at “big picture” sorts of issues.

Anyway, it is worth checking out and at the very least will inspire other developers to compete in the “free” software arena.

For an example (though some of the “drawings” could have used some work!) which I think is indicative of how this program can be useful is this basic Biblical “meta-narrative” timeline.

After you have tooled around for a while, let me know what you think! Also, if YOU have done any free-for-everyone Prezi stuff (especially in Biblical Studies), do share.


3 thoughts on “Prezi to spice up your presentations!

  1. My wife would hurl during such a presentation, but it is a cool way of helping people maintain continuity much more than in PP. It would also force us to conceptualize our message into something that would warrant Prezi, which would be a great step up from the standard PP presentation. I spent time this week reading Edward R. Tufte’s criticisms of PP, claiming it had dumbed down interaction with the presenter. Thanks for the post, this provides a helpful counterpoint.

  2. Thank you for this information. I have a creative project due at the end of this semester for my World Literature class. We get to read portions of Genesis and the New Testament in this class. I am planning on using Prezi to tell the story of early Christianity in light of creation and covenant. I will share it when it is finished.

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