Help me choose Philippians’ articles for my grad students to read!

The fall quarter at SPU is just about upon us. On Tuesday, my grad course on Philippians begins. Each week, students will read 1-2 articles on Philippians. I have chosen a good number already, but I am very open to suggestions regarding which articles and/or seminal essays my students should read. These are students largely going into ministry, so nothing too esoteric. However, they do know Greek and are eager to learn historical, literary, social, and theological issues.

I will get back to you with my preferred reading list in a week or two.

Those who get their items to me (via comments) earlier will more likely be considered for my reading list. However, at whatever point you decide to contribute, I am all ears/eyes!


9 thoughts on “Help me choose Philippians’ articles for my grad students to read!

  1. 1. Hellerman, Joseph H. “Vindicating God’s servants in Philippi and in Philippians: the influence of Paul’s ministry in Philippi upon the composition of Philippians 2:6-11.” Bulletin for Biblical Research 20, no. 1 (January 1, 2010): 85-102.

    2. Hellerman, Joseph H. “Morphē Theou as a signifier of social status in Philippians 2:6.” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 52, no. 4 (December 1, 2009): 779-797.

  2. A couple by Markus Bockmuehl:
    1. ” ‘The Form of God’ (Phil. 2:6): Variations on a Theme of Jewish Mysticism” JTS 48 (1997): 1-23
    2. “A Commentator’s Approach to the Effective History of Philippians,” JSNT 18 (1996): 57-88

    David Yeago’s “The New Testament and Nicene Dogma,” reprinted lots of places.

  3. Four very useful pieces:

    Holloway, Paul A., ‘Alius Paulus: Paul’s Promise to Send Timothy at Philippians 2.19-24,’ NTS 54 (2008) 542-56.

    Nanos, M. D. “Paul’s Reversal of Jews Calling Gentiles ‘Dogs’ (Philippians 3:2): 1660 Years of an Ideological Tale Wagging an Exegetical Dog?” (unpublished, available online at: – a nice iconoclastic piece.

    Fowl, S. E. “Know Your Context: Giving and Receiving Money in Philippians.” Int 56 (2002): 45-58 – a really good piece on Phil 4 with lots of implications for preaching.

    Oakes, P. “Jason and Penelope Hear Philippians 1.1-11.” Pages 155-64 in Understanding, Studying and Reading: New Testament Essays in Honour of John Ashton. Edited by Rowland, C. and C. H. T. Fletcher-Louis. JSNTSup 153. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic, 1998 – a really good imaginative piece considering how a rich and a poor Christian in Philippi would react to 1:1-11.

    1. Fowl, S. E. “Know Your Context: Giving and Receiving Money in Philippians.” Int 56 (2002): 45-58 – a really good piece on Phil 4 with lots of implications for preaching.

      Hi how can I open / receive this file my PDF is acting weird, any suggestions.

      Thanks & God Bless!!!

  4. Here are three that have been helpful to me (I’ve got more):

    Joseph Hellerman, Brothers and Friends in Philippi: Family Honor in the Roman World and in Paul’s Letter to the Philippians
    Biblical Theology Bulletin 39:1 (2009): 15-25

    Herbert W. Bateman IV, Were the Opponents at Philippi Necessarily Jewish?, Bibliotheca Sacra 155 (January-March 1998) 39-61

    James W. THompson, PReaching to Philippians, Interpretation 61 no 3 Jl 2007, p 298-309.

  5. Gordon D. Fee, “Philippians 2:5-11: Hymn or Exalted Pauline Prose?” Bulletin for Biblical Research
    2 (1992): 29-46.

    David A. DeSilva, “No Confidence in the Flesh: The Meaning and Function of Philippians 3:2-21,” Trinity Journal 15 (1994): 27-54.

    Gordon Zerbe, “Citizenship and Politics According to Philippians,” Direction, 38 (2009): 193-208.

  6. Here are some short, but helpful, studies, especially in light of Philippians 4.

    Kennedy, H.A.A. “The Financial Colouring of Philippians iv. 15-18.” The Expository Times 12 (1900-01): 43-44.

    Morris, Leon. “ΚΑΙ ΑΠΑΞ ΚΑΙ ΔΙΣ.” Novum Testamentum 1 (1956): 205-208.

  7. Francis Watson’s introductory essay on Barth’s reading of Phillippians as theological interpretation in the 5oth anniversary reprint of his Phillippian’s Commentary.

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