Second issue of JTS online now

One of the premier theology/Biblical journals, Journal of Theological Studies, has its second issue of 2010 online now. It includes some very interesting titles (I don’t have access to the electronic version, so I will eventually check out the print version). Here are some highlights

“The Defilement of the Hands as a Principle for Determining the Holiness of the Scriptures” (T. Lim)

“The Testament of the 12 Patriarchs and the Didascalia Apostolorum: A Common Jewish Christian Milieu?” (Joel Marcus)

As for Reviews:

Walter Moberly reviews Todd Billings’ The Word of God for the People of God

John Goldingay reviews Scott Hahn’s Kinship by Covenant

Christopher Tuckett reviews Larry Hurtado’s The Early Christian Artefacts

Larry Hurtado reviews James Dunn’s Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?

James Dunn reviews T. Engberg-Pedersen’s Cosmology and Self in the Apostle Paul


One thought on “Second issue of JTS online now

  1. I am interested in the study of early christianity, especially the creation and formative years. perhaps the first 200. To show you some of the stuff I have been collecting, and trying to organize, take a look at these two pages, and see if anything interests you;

    I am interested in convos on anything in the early christianity general areas, what are you interested in at the moment?


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