Eisenbrauns proudly presents a new journal on Paul

On behalf of the editors and the academic board, I would like to introduce you to the Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters with Michael F Bird as editor (and me as his lackey!). Mike has done a fantastic job recruiting world-class scholars to serve as board members – like Michael Gorman, Mark Nanos, Douglas Campbell, Susan Eastman, Stanley Porter and many, many others.

Mike and I will have much more to say about why we think this kind of long-term project is important, but for now we hope your¬†appetite will be whet by the sample “launch” article by Susan Eastman found here.¬†I really like the exegetical method Susan uses as well as the theatric angle. Whether you will fall in love with the ongoing journal or not, this article, IMHO, serves as a great start!

Jesus as…a cartoon word-bubble?

In the fine textbook Exploring the NT (Wenham and Walton), particularly the volume on Gospels and Acts, an analogy is made of how Jesus is the Word of God in John – think about a cartoon in print where a character has a word-bubble coming from his or her mouth. That word-bubble is an act of communication, yet visible. It carries a message, but it is clearly distinguishable from the person – and yet it cannot be understood apart from the person and (in terms of the one frame of the cartoon) vice versa. Hmm… I like this.It is visual and verbal. A Johannine match in many ways! Thank you David and Steve!