Forthcoming FS for John J. Collins

I just noticed that Eerdmans has a Festschrift coming in January (eds. D.C. Harlow, M. Goff, K.M. Hogan, and J.S. Kaminsky) called The “Other” in Second Temple Judaism. Some of the contributors include:

Susan Ackerman, Shane Berg, Sean Freyne, Martin Goodman, D.J. Harrington, Robert Kugler, Timothy Lim, Carol Newman, G.W.E. Nickelsburg, Susan Niditch, and James VanderKam (among a host of others). Wow! Impressive list of writers desiring to honor Collins! See HERE.

One thought on “Forthcoming FS for John J. Collins

  1. It will be a great book. The article by Newsom is fantastic. A couple of years ago, I was able to attend the presentation of many of these articles during a celebration that they were holding in Collin’s honor at Amherst College. It will be a great book to add to the shelves.

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