Happy Reflection on Academic Life Right Now

I am sitting in my office (!) grading Greek exegesis papers on Philippians. One paper in particular was very impressive and I learedn something very useful from it for a book project I am working on (thanks to this student’s fine skills with Bibleworks). I thought to myself, “when I was a second-year seminary student, I dreamed of this day.” Here I am. Thanks be to God.


2 thoughts on “Happy Reflection on Academic Life Right Now

  1. Nijay,

    Fight to keep that perspective. I meet Bible profs who complain and complain about whatever is the issue du jour related to their setting. You’ve heard it at SBL. Not me. Can’t believe I actually get paid to do what I do. Not to say there are not problems with institutions and relationships with people inside institutions (is there a place where there aren’t such problems?). But we enjoy an amazing calling that few who are qualified actually get to walk out. The students with whom I work . . . the subject matter to which I devote my time and energy. Incredible! Thanks be to God, indeed!

  2. The exact same thing happened to me over the weekend when I was grading an essay by one of my laziest students! In an unrelated paper, he cited a passage that I had for whatever reason overlooked in my research. So now I’m going to add a short section to part of my manuscript which should strengthen one of my arguments quite a bit. God really does work in quite unexpected ways. How humbling!

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