Handbook for the Study of the Historical Jesus (Brill – New!)

Tom Holmen and Stan Porter have edited a four-volume series with Brill, Handbook for the Study of the Historical Jesus (a total cost of $1329!). While none of us can ever afford to buy this, I will torture you with some attractive essay titles:

Volume 1:

“How to Marginalize the Traditional Criteria of Authenticity” (Dale Allison)

“The Historical Jesus: How to Ask Questions and Remain Inquisitive” (Charlesworth)

“Remembering Jesus: How the Quest of the HJ Lost its Way” (Dunn)

“From the Messiah Teacher to the Gospels of Jesus Christ” (Riesner)

“Historical Skepticism and the Criteria of Jesus Research: My Attempt to leap Over Lessing’s Ugly Wide Ditch” (Theissen)


“The Parable of the Goose and the Mirror: Historical Jesus Research in the Theological Discipline” (McKnight)

“Jesus and the Scriptures of Israel” (Moyise)
“Jesus and the Partings of the Ways” (Bird)

“Prophet, Sage, Healer, Messiah, and Martyr: Types and Identities of Jesus” (Evans)

“The Context of Jesus: Jewish and/or Hellenistic?” (Porter)


“Jesus Tradition in the Gospel of John (Moody Smith)

“The Birth of Jesus” (France)

“The Death of Jesus” (Green)

“Jesus and God” (M.M. Thompson)


“Riddles, Wit, and Wisdom” (Thatcher)

“Words of Jesus in Paul: On the Theology and Praxis of the Jesus Tradition” (Pokorny)





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