Eerdmans’ tantalizing Spring releases!

Like a kid on Christmas day, I love to break open my Eerdmans catalog whenever a new one comes out. While the Spring catalog tends to be less impressive than the fall one (in the run up to SBL), I was excited about a number of titles.

Jimmy Dunn has a collection of essays/lectures coming out called Jesus, Paul, and the Gospels (due May).

Arland Hultgren has penned an 800-page commentary on Romans (Paul’s Letter to the Romans: A Commentary) which can be purchased in May.

Richard Longenecker has been busy in Romans as well, producing a 500+ page introduction to Romans which is being released in view of his future NIGTC commentary on Romans. You need only wait until April to pick up this one!

Michael Stone has written a new book on Ancient Judaism: New Visions and Views where he “challenges theologically conditioned histories of ancient Judaism devised by later orthodoxies, whether Jewish or Christians…” This should be very important for the study of ancient Judaism (due May).

Jodi Magness has offered forth the curiously-titled Stone and Dung, Oil and Spit: Jewish Daily Life in the Time of Jesus – looks very interesting (April).


Looks like April and May will be exciting months!