Blackwell Companion NT books offer free pdf chapters

Do you know that Wiley-Blackwell has a “Companions to Religion” Series of books? I just discovered this and two volumes seem very useful to me: The Blackwell Companion to the New Testament (ed. D.E. Aune, 2010) and The Blackwell Companion to Paul (ed. S. Westerholm, 2011).

[UPDATE: A wise and generous commenter has informed me that the Aune book is FREE for download – HERE. I checked it out – its for real! UPDATE #2: Someone has warned me that it is probably on that website illegally. Downloader beware! Just to be on the safe side, I have deleted the copy I downloaded. I didn’t know!]

Needless to say, editors Aune and Westerholm worked hard and successfully to put together truly impressive contributions. In fact, for the book on Paul expect a substantial review later this year.

For now, you may be interested in knowing that

(1) The NT volume is offering a free chapter on “The World of Roman Hellenism” (Aune)

(2) The Paul volume has a free chapter on “Pauline Chronology” (Reisner)

Sadly, while these are free, the rest of the chapters total nearly $400 (each volume is $199!).


6 thoughts on “Blackwell Companion NT books offer free pdf chapters

  1. I’d hesitate to say that its on legally.

    You might want to check first that its supposed to be there, as its not terribly difficult for someone with the book to scan it and upload it to

    1. Thanks for following up your suspicion about the legality of the book being on Had I known, I would not have suggested the link. I’ll be sure to check further if I find something similar next time.

      1. No problem. It’s hard to tell what’s supposed to be there and what isn’t at times. Once I saw the ebook going for $200 on their website, I figured something wasn’t right!

        I let the folks at Wiley know about it too. They said they’d look into it, so we’ll see what happens.

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