Scott Hafemann hired at St. Andrews (New Testament)

The University of St. Andrews School of Divinity recently posted the exciting news that Scott Hafemann has been hired to teach New Testament. All I can say is that this will be great for Scott and great for St. Andrews. Imagine the conversations that will happen in their New Testament seminar.

PhD-Student hopefuls: what are you waiting for?

(Of course I think Durham is still the best place to study, but by sending our Bishop to St. Andrews, I am somewhat torn!)

4 thoughts on “Scott Hafemann hired at St. Andrews (New Testament)

  1. I just finished a course with Prof. Hafemann and he is a first-rate scholar. If you’re interested in NT studies in the UK, I would really encourage you to take a look at studying with he and the rest of the faculty at St. Andrews.

  2. I was in the same course with Brian (above), and echo his comments about Dr. Hafemann. We wish him the best at St. Andrews. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a trip across the pond for my PhD work.

  3. Congratulations to St. Andrews and to Dr. Scott Hafemann. I was an undergraduate student with Scott in the Biblical and Theological Studies Dept. at Bethel University (then College). The Lord used Scott mightily in my life. I learned a lot about Biblical studies by observing and learning from his methods back then. Of course we owe a lot to the professors who faithfully taught us, but were not for persons like Scott having crossed my path at a most important period of my life. it would be questionable as to how the Lord would have eventually led me to be where I am today, doing what I am doing. I am serving the Lord in Taiwan as Instructor of English at St. James’ Language Institute in Taichung, and am Lay Leader of the English language congregation at St. James’ Episcopal Church, also in Taichung.

    May the Lord abundantly bless Scott and St. Andrews in the years to come.

    Serving Christ Together With You,
    – Warren Charles Sevander

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