Bible Study Magazine featuring N.T. Wright article (May/June 2011)

I just received the May/June 2011 issue of Bible Study Magazine, a periodical published by Logos. The lead article in this issue involves an interview with N.T. Wright called “In Tune: Developing an Ear for the Word.” The Wright-disciple (like myself) will not find anything “new” in this article. And yet I really liked it, because he is talking to laypeople about how to read the Bible. There is good practical advice and also a good number of anecdotes and interesting illustrations.

I also contributed a short article to this issue on “Keeping Up with the Greeks” – learning about the ancient context and learning from it when you engage in Bible Study.

Let me say, while BSM is only in its developing stage, the editorial team has done an excellent job of attracting excellent lead articles. Once they hit their stride and work in more “scholars” into the other articles, this magazine will fill a major niche in the Christian world. Also, the design of the magazine as a whole and the illustrations in the articles themselves are really high quality. Kudos to John Barry and his crew!