REJECT APATHY – a new Christian social and eco-justice mag

Recently I ran into the launch issue of a new Christian social and eco-justice magazine called Reject Apathy, published by the same company that produces Relevant magazine. It is well written and designed and looks to be a welcome periodical. It is not sold, but comes free (6x a year) with the purchase of a subscription to Relevant. It is well worth checking out HERE.


4 thoughts on “REJECT APATHY – a new Christian social and eco-justice mag

  1. But wait… that’s not all! Act now and we’ll also send you…

    My first impression is that something worth something, would be worth (paying) something for.


    God bless my generation, but I find most of our “social justice” or “ecological justice” efforts to be misplaced or carried-out more as a result of some form of penance or guilt rather than a true calling or within the scope of actually solving problems in the name of Jesus from within a biblical worldview.

    I’m deffinately not saying God doesn’t care about these issues, for surely he does, but in our arrogance we tend to jump-in with both feet ignoring anyone else’s efforts of the past, or any kind of study of scripture, economics, or anything else for that matter…

    Okay, I’m off my soapbox. I’m sure this magazine is worth every penny 😉

  2. Actually John, when I first saw the magazine, I had the same concerns. But the reason I chose to blog about it is that it is produced and thought out exceptionally well. As a “Bible” person, I was very pleased with their approach to social and eco-justice. I would say check out a copy (I think you can read it online?). After you read a few articles, I would be interested in your perspective on it.

    One thing I liked, they pointed out how faddish social justice is right now – it is “cool.” One article is about “what happens when social justice is no longer cool?” That is the kind of thing I found helpful. Also, they highlighted people like Richard Stearns whose vision of justice and charity is very deep. Again, check it out…

    I will admit I don’t care for the title…

  3. As for the strategy of it being free – while I agree with the idea that often enough “free stuff” tends to be useless, there is a marketing strategy involved here – to generate interest, esp among the readers of Relevant. I do expect (and hope) it will transition into its own paid circulation and separate staff.

  4. The title is perhaps not the best since I misunderstood it all the while till I was at the end of your post! When I saw “reject apathy” I immediately assumed it was some sort of po-mo melancholy deal about the type of apathy possessed by rejects! It’s not that unorthodox an interpretation, really; comparable perhaps to how a “lovers quarrel” is the type of quarrel had by lovers. I see now, of course, that they meant it as an imperative, as in I should go forth and reject apathy.

    Reminds me of the sign for the theological bookstore in toronto. They sold theology books at a discount, and so the sign on the street in front of the seminary simply said “discount theological books.” We all understood the first term as an adjective, but one news paper reporter took it as an imperative and the next day published a report that exclaimed “as an atheist I’ve always dismissed religious texts, but I never thought I’d find a seminary instructing me to do so!”

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