Bonhoeffer on the Cross and Truth

The only basis of the disciples’ truthfulness is that Jesus, while we follow him, reveals our sinfulness to us on the cross. The cross as God’s truth over us is the only thing that makes us truthful. Whoever knows the cross no longer shies away from any other truth.


Visited the Baker Book House Bookstore in GR

When I was visiting family a couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to go to Grand Rapids and shop a bit at the Baker Book House bookstore. It is basically like any other Christian bookstore, but then you go to the back and there is this massive library of used books for sale, Baker books and all other publishers. I did not find much there of interest to me and found most used books overpriced (compared to Amazon marketplace). There is another section with discounted Baker books that are new and recent. I definitely picked up a few items there, most of them 60% off. I was hoping to meet some Baker Academic folk, but the actual publishing office is not at the same site. Oh well, maybe next time.

If you are ever in GR, this bookstore is well worth the visit. Save up first.

Latest JSNT issue features two Durham alums

The new JSNT issue features articles from my friends from Durham (now both back in the US) Dave Briones and Ben Dunson. Boys – I am so proud of you! Also, some articles from Dale Allison and Andrew Das. Looks like an excellent issue!

    • Dale C. Allison, Jr

    A Liturgical Tradition behind the Ending of James

    Journal for the Study of the New Testament September 2011 34: 3-18,doi:10.1177/0142064X11415317

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    • Ben C. Dunson

    Faith in Romans: The Salvation of the Individual or Life in Community?*

    Journal for the Study of the New Testament September 2011 34: 19-46,doi:10.1177/0142064X11415328

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    • David Briones

    Paul’s Intentional ‘Thankless Thanks’ in Philippians 4.10-20 *

    Journal for the Study of the New Testament September 2011 34: 47-69,doi:10.1177/0142064X11415319

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    • Timothy A. Brookins

    Luke’s Use of Mark as παράφρασις: Its Effects on Characterization in the ‘Healing of Blind Bartimaeus’ Pericope (Mark 10.46-52/Luke 18.35-43)

    Journal for the Study of the New Testament September 2011 34: 70-89,doi:10.1177/0142064X11415325

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    • A. Andrew Das

    ‘Praise the Lord, All you Gentiles’: The Encoded Audience of Romans 15.7-13

    Journal for the Study of the New Testament September 2011 34: 90-110,doi:10.1177/0142064X11415327

Bibleworks 9 – Fourth Column, Verse Tab, and Use Tab

I was as giddy as a little schoolboy to open my brand new version 9 edition of Bibleworks. Honesty, I was skeptical about upgrading because my primary interest is usually in new modules such as new texts (e.g., OT Pseudepigrapha or DSS). For this upgrade, there are no huge additions, but a lot of smaller changes and I will confess that I have already found them quite useful even after just a few hours of use. In a series of posts, I will highlight the “new features.” Let it just be known, in general, I love Bibleworks and I highly recommend it for seminary work, but especially for those who intend to go further on.

OK. What is new?

First, we have the fantastic 4th column. To me, this is a little like men’s razors – the next thing to do is add more blades. But, in this case, BW did it well by making it easily collapsible. With a quick click you can get rid of the fourth column. It is a definite time saver. The fourth column can do many things – Browse, show context, give version info, and the new features of “Use” and “Version” (see below).

Second, we have the “verse tab” in the 3rd and 4th columns. With this tab you can easily look at Metzger’s Textual commentary (if you own it) or Tischendorf’s Apparatus or the NET Bible notes. All of these are really handy.

Third, we have the “Use” tab. A bit of an odd name for the tab, but what it does is fantastic. If you are using a Greek version in your viewing window, when you wave your cursor over a word the “Use” tab in the 3rd or 4th column gives you immediately (without a click) all the occurrences of the word in the Biblical book you are in (with partial verse context) or the whole version (like the whole NT or whole Bible depending on what you are in). Again, such a time-saver!

Some great additions that I am eager to test out some more.

Who else has upgraded? What are your thoughts?