WJK offering special promo for “teaching professionals”

One of the “big name” Biblical-Academic presses is Westminster John Knox – they do some really great stuff! Right now, they are doing a special promotion for “teaching professionals: 60% off and free shipping on orders more than $50. I will tell you, that is not a bad deal at all, rivaling the SBL promotions (perhaps even better?).

To get this deal, you must use a special promo code (which I have). If you did not get the email, but you are a “teaching professional,” I would be happy to share it with you. I don’t feel it right to simply publicize the promo code as I would guess it would get (ab)used by the wrong persons. But, if you fit this bill,  and did not already get the email, leave a comment and I would be happy to share it with you. Just leave a comment like: “Hook me up, I teach @….”


Sad News of Nida’s Passing

Many have already heard the sad news of the passing of Eugene Nida, the eminent linguist and Bible translator. I just wish to say that I have appreciated his Greek-English Lexicon of the NT: Based on Semantic Domains (with J.P. Louw). In fact, for my Colossians commentary I am working on, I have set “Louw-Nida” as my default (“go-to”) lexicon for semantic matters, rather than the expected “BDAG.” (I may explain my decision on another occasion.)

In any case, I hope my frequent reference L-N offers a nice tone of appreciation in light of this sad news. May the Lord comfort his family and close friends in this difficult time.