A Positive Review from Don Garlington

Today, I got the 1st two 2011 issues of Bulletin for BIblical Research in the  mail (21.1, 21.2). There is a review of my monograph, Worship That Makes Sense to Paul, in the 21.2 issue, written by Don Garlington. I appreciate the positive review and that he seemed to really “get” what the book was all about. My supervisors would be proud 🙂 It is nice to feel a sense of appreciation from “the guild” for your hard work. Don – cheers to you!



2 thoughts on “A Positive Review from Don Garlington

    1. Can I ask you to help me with the following questions on

      1. Jesus suffered only physical death, not eternal death. How can
      it be
      said that Jesus bore the penalty for us?
      2. Assuming Jesus cleansed all our sins for us with his blood, why
      do the
      curses including physical death, pain in labour etc still happen to
      Christians even after they have been baptized?
      3. Why are not infants and mentally incapacitated persons who are
      not able
      to believe in God by faith exempt from the curses?

      It seems that as Jesus will return to judge us, we will still need to
      suffer the curses pending his return. But if we are instantaneously
      declared to be righteous by grace through faith if we believe in Jesus,
      why do we still need to wait until the resurrection?

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