Exciting Forthcoming Books from Zondervan

Having recently perused the latest catalog from Zondervan, I got excited about these future releases…

D. Bock, A Theology of Luke and Acts (sometime in 2012).

Miles van Pelt, Basics of Biblical Aramaic (maybe just released?) – we used Johns in Seminary, which worked fine, but I suspect van Pelt will really make it easy on the eyes and brain.

Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelism (eds. A.D. Naselli and C. Hansen): perspectives:

-K.T. Bauder: Fundamentalism

-Albert Mohler: Conservative evangelicalism

-John Stackhouse: Generic evangelicalism

-Roger E. Olson: Postconservative evangelicalism

Four Views on the Apostle Paul (ed. M.F. Bird [of course!])  -focusing on Christology, soteriology, and ecclesiology (what happened to ethics, I ask?)

-Schreiner – Evangelical view

Douglas Campbell – Barthian view (of course!)

Luke Timothy Johnson  – Catholic view

Mark D. Nanos – Jewish view

Y0u’ll have to wait until July 2012 for this puppy!



3 thoughts on “Exciting Forthcoming Books from Zondervan

  1. I know, right? (I am not sure if you are being sarcastic or serious. If serious, I am with you. If sarcastic, don’t make me send Mike Bird over to you armed with a soggy fish…)

    1. I’d rather not have to take a thrashing from Mike Bird’s soggy fish (which I’m sure tastes delicious…) so I’ll just pretend I’m serious.

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