Joining the “Hitchhikers Tour” in Oct

I just finished reading Bruce Fisk’s highly acclaimed A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Jesus (Baker) and I will be participating in the blog tour (Oct 3-7).

Let me say, I almost turned this down (when Baker asked me to join in), because I initially thought the idea of the book sounded too corny. When I read the endorsements (Hays, Powell, Wagner, MM Thompson), I was intrigued (yes, I am a sucker for endorsements).

Having read the book, I see what the fuss was about! It is a very creative and refreshing approach to a very old problem. I reviewed a book by Clayton Croy a few months ago and noted that Croy is just a good writer. Well, so for Fisk. Whether you love the book or not, Fisk is articulate, imaginative, and engaging. He models skillful writing. The best teachers teach you without you recognizing it is a “lesson.” I am not personally in love with this genre of book, but what he does, he does extremely well.

I will have much to say and quote, pointing out weaknesses and strengths (a good many strengths!). Please do read the blog tour posts. I will be eager to read other folks’ impressions as well.

(Also, note to self, I need to check out for myself this “Holy Land” everyone talks about…)


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