Goldingay addressing the “big questions” of Christian faith

I am currently reviewing (for print) John Goldingay’s Key Questions about Christian Faith: Old Testament Answers (Baker). I make it no secret that I am a big fan of Goldingay’s work, even though I frequently disagree with him (as I am sure he would with me)! However, he demonstrates, in this book, deep wisdom drawn from close readings of the OT and a mature Christian perspective. He never satisfies for static, cookie-cutter answers. Most of the time his “answer” is “both-and” or neither of the two. This would be a great book for seminary students to read – I am not sure what “class” it would fit into, but an introduction to the OT would work. Perhaps the one thing that surprised me was that most of the chapters were previously published, some of them in a dictionary, so this is not really a “new work,” but a bringing together of his more general ruminations on big subjects. At first this was a disappointment (I love “new” stuff!), but on reflection I just appreciate having Goldingay’s thoughts in one place.

Here are some topics he treats:

-Who is God?

-What does it mean to be human?

-What is sin?

-What is the people of God?

-How does prayer work?

-Is election fair?

-What does the Bible say about men and women?

AND MANY MORE! Thanks John!


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