Study Joshua and Judges with me online!

At Seattle Pacific University we have a Center for Biblical and Theological Education that began, last year, a campus and world-wide four-year plan of studying Scripture together. Each quarter of the year, a faculty member of SPU serves as a guide through a 10-week study of a book (or book set) from Scripture (see here). This is called Lectio and we are beginning the second year. In the fall, we study the Old Testament, and I volunteered to guide the school and worldwide readers through Joshua and Judges. I am no expert when it comes to Ancient Near Eastern studies or Akkadian or Ugaritic or form or source criticism of the OT. But I do love the whole Bible and I have learned immensely from this experience and I bring to these texts a perspective from the NT and a missional mindset and spirit.

To learn more about CBTE, see here.

There will be opportunities, as you get a weekly guide” to the assigned text (like a short theological commentary), to ask questions and engage with me through the CBTE website. Consider starting a Bible study with your neighbors, family, friends, or co-workers. We have gotten great feedback on how this project has been encouraging as Christians seek to make time for study and learning from the Bible in the midst of life.

3 thoughts on “Study Joshua and Judges with me online!

  1. Thanks, Craig! Feel free to let us know what you think! You can direct theological/spiritual questions to the CBTE folks and someone (probably myself) will try and offer some engagement.

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