First JSPL issue is out! Great articles!

Yesterday, I received in the mail the first official issue of the new Eisenbrauns periodical Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters. This first issue is rather long with 8 excellent articles (two of them reviews of Doug Campbell’s Deliverance of God, and a third Campbell’s response). The first article is the “sample” article we previewed at SBL – Susan Eastman’s lucid, creative, and illuminating study of Philippians 2:6-11 from a theatrical perspective.

My favorite article in this issue is Mike Gorman’s Justification and Justice in Paul” which underscores the theological importance of social justice in the apostle’s theology. His argument is cogent and very important to understanding the significance of Paul’s theology of “justification” and its implications.

There is a very short, but useful, update on the planned excavations of Colossae, written by Michael Trainor.

All in all, this is a very impressive issue (with pieces by Richard Bell and Paul Foster as well). May I just say that a subscription is a mere $30 for the year (2 issues). Compare that to a prominent NT journal (that will remain nameless) that is $289 a year! With this unnamed journal, the cost of downloading one article is $30 (no kidding)! So, while we do not have the reputation (yet) of an elite journal, we do have very reputable scholars on our board and you can’t beat the price.

Please ask your librarian to consider subscribing, if you are not interested in a personal subscription. We have some great things coming down the pipeline. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you Eisenbrauns and thank you editorial board and authors!


“Philippians 2:6-11: Incarnation as Mimetic Participation” (Susan Eastman)

“Justification and Justice in Paul, with Special Reference to the Corinthians” (Michael Gorman)

“Reading Romans with Arthur Schopenhauer: Some First Steps towards a Theology of Mind” (Richard Bell)

“The Eschatology of the The Thessalonian Correspondence: An Exercise in Pastoral Pedagogy and Constructive Theology” (Paul Foster)

“The Deliverance of God, and of Paul?” (Chris Tilling)

“Douglas Campbell’s The Deliverance of God: A Review by a Friendly Critic” (Michael Gorman)

“What is at Stake in the Reading of Romans 1-3? An Elliptical Response to the Concerns of Gorman and Tilling” (Douglas Campbell)

“Colossae: The State of Forthcoming Excavations” (Michael Trainor)

2 thoughts on “First JSPL issue is out! Great articles!

  1. Thank you so much for this! I was blessed to see that the one article that i wanted to read right away was available as a free download!

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