A Big Congratulations to Michael J Gorman!

I just received the news that Michael J. Gorman has been appointed to the Raymond E. Brown chair in Biblical Studies and Theology at St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute of Theology and Seminary (effective in July, 2012). He has served as Dean there since 1995, but his appointment to this chair will afford him new opportunities to focus on his research – something I know has been piling up for him and he is excited to devote more time to! Recently, Tom Wright said of Mike

Dr. Michael Gorman has steadily made his way into the front rank of North American New Testament scholars…His Work, always thoughtful, patient, creative and wise, has changed forever the way we think about some key issues. He is, in addition, a living embodiment of the new commitment we see in many Christian traditions to hearing God afresh in Scripture–and to doing so together, across older ecumenical divisions. I congratulate St. Mary’s on this splendid appointment.” — N.T. Wright, Univ of St. Andrews

High praise for Mike, but well deserved. Again, a hearty congrats! Maybe we can co-write that book now I have been talking to you about, since you will have all this extra time (wink, wink)! 🙂


Need your help: Theologians who wrote from prison?

I am working on a writing project and I want your help trying to find theologians (including Biblical scholars) who wrote while they were in prison/jail. Obviously we have Bonhoeffer and I thought of Kasemann as well. Who else? Doesn’t need to be Germans! It could be anywhere, anytime, but if you can point me to both person and the text, that would help!

NB: I am already aware that Paul wrote from prison!