Does anyone know anything about Wright’s forthcoming SIMPLY JESUS?

I am tinkering around with the idea of using Wright’s new Simply Jesusย in my Scripture class in the Winter, but there is one problem – I don’t know anything about it since it has not been released yet (due late October)! I went ahead and ordered it on Amazon which offers almost 40% off. Anyway, I am waiting to officially decide on whether I will use it until I get a chance to read it.

Does anyone know anything about it? Is it a lot like any particular previous book he has written on Jesus? Is there a “big idea”? Does it focus on any one Gospel? I guess I could just wait and see, but what fun is that? ๐Ÿ™‚

UPDATE: It sounds like, from some chatter here and there about the book, that it is a distillation of Wright’s work on Jesus and his unique perspective. My hope is that it is focused and accessible. Given it is with HarperOne, I suspect it is being pitched at a wider audience that appreciated Surprised by Hope. Anyone else have the scoop?