Give yourself the Gift of a Good Journal This Christmas (imagine a cheesy smile on my face)

At SBL, the journal that Mike Bird and I edit, Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters, had a two-volume debut. Eisenbrauns has done a fine job working with us and producing a “handsome” periodical. It has been a particular blessing for  me to work with a fantastic editorial board and great contributors.

Why not give yourself, this Christmas, the gift of a new subscription – the gift that keeps on giving all year long?! (Cue cheesy smile)

OK, all joking aside, Eisenbrauns is offering a really good discount offer for individuals until December 31:

Here are the particulars (which I ripped directly from Mike’s blog):

Eisenbrauns has a special end of year subscription offer for the Journal for the Study of Paul and his Letters. If you take out a subscription for JSPL in 2012 for $30, which includes two forthcoming issues, for only $15 you can get the two 2011 issues as well! That is the 2011 and 2012 issues of JSPL for just $45!!!*

We’ve had a great year in JSPL this year (2011) with articles by Michael Gorman, Douglas Campbell, Chris Tilling, Richard Bell, Susan Eastman, and Paul Fosters among others. And now 2012 is promising to be a great year in Pauline studies with articles by Mark Nanos and Bruce Longenecker on Galatians and Salvation-History and hopefully a contribution from a former bishop of Durham could be on the cards as well!

Offer ends 31 December. Makes the perfect Christmas gift for biblical scholars.

Sign up here.

* This price is for individuals not institutions. For institutions there is $15 off the price for purchasing the 2011 issues.

Now, of course I am biased, but let me say that we are trying to do something really special with this journal in such a way that we hope to make some strong contributions to Pauline scholarship. As Mike has mentioned, we have some neat stuff planned. If you cannot afford the journal yourself, maybe you could ask your university/seminary library to consider subscribing. Thanks for those who have taken an interest in the journal!



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