Three Interesting 2012 releases from IVP Academic

I was flipping through the IVP Spring 2012 catalog and saw these three forthcoming releases that look interesting

Biblical Hermeneutics: Five Views (eds. S.E. Porter and B.M. Stovell) – the five views are

-Historical-Critical/Grammatical (Craig Blomberg)

-Redemptive-Historical (R. Gaffin)

-Literary/Postmodern (F. Scott Spencer)

-Canonical (R. W. Wall)

Philosophical/Theological (Merold Westphal)

This looks to be a fascinating engagement, but some of the names of the views are unfortunate (aren’t all of the views “Philosophical/Theological”; also I would assume Blomberg would designate his own approach as “Redemptive-Historical,” though perhaps not quite in the same way as Gaffin; similarly, would Gaffin not lean towards a grammatico-historical approach?); this is one case where it is probably not an either-or, but both-and (except the canonical approach would certainly be at odds with the first one, and you could not label the first two “postmodern” I presume).

I like the idea of each writer looking at the same text: Matthew 2:7-15. This one is coming in June.

Dictionary of Old Testament Prophets (ed. J.G. McConville and M. Boda) – coming in June as well. It is 1000 pages and offers 115 articles.

A Week in the Life of Corinth (Witherington). Sometimes I have heard people criticize Ben for over-producing when it comes to putting out books. I grew up with Ben and I have had many good interactions with him. While I do wonder where he finds the time to do all his writing, I know one thing: he is a good storyteller. This book offers a creative historical-fictional account of “Nicanor” who is a Corinthian business man that encounters a tent-maker named Paul. It is a short 168 pages, so I think (if it has the narratival and literary quality I expect) that it would serve well a course on Paul, and especially a course on 1 Corinthians. Its coming in May.

There you have it – IVP always gives me goodies for my reading list!

3 thoughts on “Three Interesting 2012 releases from IVP Academic

  1. Looking forward to the new IVP dictionary, but does it really have only 115 articles (spread over 1000 pages)? Unless I’m missing something, those are going to be some long articles!

    1. Terry – I never thought about that, but it does seem odd! I double-checked the catalog. Here is the language:

      “A true compendium of recent scholarship, the volume includes 115 articles covering all aspects of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, the Minor Prophets, and Daniel.”

      1. Yeah, I found the original blurb, too. Perhaps they’ve left a zero out somewhere!

        Anyway, it’s still a dictionary worth anticipating – thanks for the heads-up!

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