2012 St Andrews Galatians Conference

A few years back Pope Benedict XVI had declared June 2008-June 2009 the “Year of St. Paul.” Well, 2012 will nearly rival that year in terms of interest in the enigmatic apostle! In May (2012) there will be a big meeting based on Romans 5-8 at Princeton Seminary.

Also, St. Andrews (Scotland) will be hosting a conference on “Paul’s Letter to the Galatians & Christian Theology” (July 10-13, 2012).

The keynote speakers at the St. Andrews conference include Richard Hays, N.T. Wright, and Oliver O’Donovan. You can also expect to hear papers from folks like Beverly Gaventa, Lewis Ayres, and Bruce McCormack. While I have never attended one of these “..and Christian Theology” conferences at St. Andrews, I do have two of the published volumes based on the conference essays (on John and Hebrews) – both outstanding resources for study and cutting edge engagements. I am so jealous that I will not be able to attend this very exciting event. But I will be eager to hear reports and read the published papers in due time.

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