Winter Quarter at SPU – new guided study on Gospel of Mark by Laura Sweat

This past 13 weeks, during the autumn quarter here at Seattle Pacific University, I had the honor of guiding our community through a study of Joshua and Judges. What a blessing that was! I learned so much and had some great interactions with commenters, students, staff, and faculty!

Well, I am very exciting that my NT colleague Laura Sweat (PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary) will be the faculty guide for the winter quarter and we will be studying the Gospel of Mark. I have decided, to coincide with this study, to focus my UFDN 1000 “Christian Formation” course on the theology of the cross with emphasis on the Gospel of Mark and the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Also, I am going to teach a study on Mark for our Sunday School at church. I look forward to gleaning from Laura’s insights. You can learn more about Laura HERE. You can see the schedule of readings HERE. Folks have said that these guided readings (like a mini-commentary, published in weekly portions online for free) work well for church or dorm Bible studies.

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