Interested in Colossians? I Need Some Volunteers!

While I am writing my Colossians commentary, I want to make sure that what I am writing (1) is accurate, (2), clear, and (3) helpful [especially for pastors, but also for seminary students].

So, I would like to recruit 2-3 volunteers who would be willing to read my drafts (as I write them, I am up to 2 of 5 chapters right now) and give feedback, corrections, and advisement. I already have one PhD student who has volunteered to help me with this (thanks Adam!). Here is what I am looking for: 2 pastors (full-time ministry with 5+ years of experience, no PhD, some seminary training helpful), 1 Professor (with PhD, specializes in Paul), 1 PhD student (specializes in Colossians). I will give you specific instructions about what kind of feedback I would like.

UPDATE: I have received a number of volunteers! Thank you! I do still need the following:

One more PhD student that specializes in Colossians

One professor that has a PhD in NT and specialty in Paul

(I do not need any more volunteers from pastors – I have approved more volunteers than I had planned because I am so eager for their feedback, but I can’t handle any more!)

If you are interested, please email me (you can find my SPU email address here), and let me know whether you are pastor, student, or professor and a little bit about yourself.

This will be a huge benefit to me, because it will help me ensure that what I right is accurate and profitable for its purposes.

FYI – the final commentary will be 80,000 to 100,000 words, and I am trying to complete the project by Dec 2012. I will send the first couple of chapters next month and the others to follow as I make progress…

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