2012 North Park Seminary Symposium on Topic “Family” – speakers announced

The North Park Theological Seminary Symposium happens annually in the fall. The 2012 topic will be “Family” and the speakers have been announced.

-Stephen Barton (my doctoral supervisor from Durham, now retired)

-Jana Marguerite Bennett (U of Dayton)

-Lynn Cohick (Wheaton)

-Jim Dekker (North Park U)

-Dennis Olson (Princeton TS)

-Luke Powery (Prineceton TS)

-Caryn Reeder (Westmont)

-Julio Rubio (St. Louis U)

-Mary Veeneman (North Park U)

The dates are 9/27-29/2012. I have never been able to make it, but the papers are subsequently published in the Wipf & Stock journalĀ Ex Auditu.