A Treat for Students of Hebrews – Spicq’s Commentary in English for the First Time…

Logos Bible Software is in the midst of gathering interest and support for the publishing of French scholar Ceslas Spicq’s (1901-1992) commentary on the letter to the Hebrews that was published in 1952/3. According to modern Hebrews scholars, Spicq’s work was a gem, but only available in French until now. It will be two volumes and for $40 you get 900 pages of commentary!

If you are interested in Hebrews, check out the Logos webpage on this English translation. If you are doing a Master’s or Doctoral thesis on Hebrews, I am sure you will want to get in on this early while it is discounted!

Let me just say that I have not read much of Spicq’s work, but he published a very handy reference volume called Theological Lexicon of the New Testament which is always something I consult when I am doing translation and word-study work. So, if his other work meets the same standard of excellence, it is well worth looking into!


One thought on “A Treat for Students of Hebrews – Spicq’s Commentary in English for the First Time…

  1. NIjay,

    Thanks for the post. Ceslas Spicq’s Hebrews commentary is a classic in the field of Hebrews research. If you were to go and find a copy of the French edition, you would find that they almost do not exist outside a few University and Theological libraries. As I mentioned in my post, I was lucky to find a copy of Vol 1 a few years back, and I payed about double of what Logos is charging. So, in some sense this work is priceless in that there are no used copies in French and no English translations ever published. This is a once in a lifetime chance kind of thing.

    Thanks for spreading the word!


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