Feb 2012 issue of Currents in Biblical Research online now

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Charles Trimm, “Recent Research on Warfare in the Old Testament”

 Judy Diehl, “Empire and Epistles: Anti-Roman Rhetoric in the New Testament Epistles”
Hellen Mardaga, “Hapax Legomena: A Neglected Field in Biblical Studies”
Travis B. Williams, “Suffering from a Critical Oversight: The Persecutions of 1 Peter within Modern Scholarship”
David M. Miller, “Ethnicity Comes of Age: An Overview of Twentieth-Century Terms for Ioudaios”

Durham to host Andrew Louth conference

Durham University in conjunction with the Department of Theology and Religion will be hosting the conference ‘A celebration of living theology: Engaging with the work of Andrew Louth’ on 9-12 July 2012 at Durham University. The conference aims to celebrate the work of Andrew Louth in the areas of Patristics, both Western and Eastern, Modern Theology and Theology as Life, as well as explore its reception outside the English-speaking world. The plenary papers will be collected into a Festschrift to be published after the conference.

When I was in Durham, I came to learn just how highly respected Father Andrew Louth is among theologians. He is treated by many as theological royalty! And rightly so, because he is a brilliant scholar. I am pleased to know about this conference. I would be interested in knowing what John Behr and Kallistos Ware will have to say, but I won’t be attending this conference – not in my budget! But to those near Durham, this will be quite the event! Enjoy!

The confirmed plenary speakers are:

Antoine Arjakovsky: ‘The orthodox theology and the future pan orthodox council’.
John Behr, ‘Studying the Fathers in the Twenty First Century’.
Augustine Casiday, ’Boethius the Theologian’.
Mary Cunningham: ‘The concept of “image” according to an eighth-century Byzantine bishop: St Andrew of Crete’s response to ps-Dionysius the Areopagite’.
Pavel Gavrylyuk: ‘The Evolution of Florovsky’s Reading of Vladimir Solovyov and the Waywardness of Russian Theology’.
Cyril Hovorun: ‘British Patristic School: Its impact on modern Orthodox Theology’.
John Milbanktitle tbc.
Kallistos Ware: ‘The Future Path of Orthodox Thought: ‘Culture and Society’ or ‘Mystical Theology’?’.
Jane Bauntitle tbc.
Thomas Graumanntitle tbc.
Lewis Ayrestitle tbc.
and, of course, Andrew Louth.