We’re Moving from Seattle to Philly…

My time at Seattle Pacific University has come to an end. I will be teaching in the fall at Eastern University (PA) as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies (New Testament).

The folks at Eastern have been exceptionally warm and welcoming throughout the hiring process. I very rarely refer to something as “providential,” but this seems to me to be that kind of thing!

A special “thank you” goes out to Steve Boyer (Theology), Eric Flett (Theology), and Dr. Doriani (Dean). I especially look forward to working alongside Bible faculty like Joe Modica, Dwight Peterson, Ray Van Leeuwen, and Pete Enns. Kenton Sparks is the interm Provost – he was instrumental in hiring me, so thanks Kent!

I have heard many, many wonderful things about Eastern from a number of people and I especially appreciate their “justice” focus. In fact, the “Justice Conference” will be in Philly in 2013!

In a few months, our family will make the 44+ hour drive from west coast to east. I can taste the cheese steaks now…


5 thoughts on “We’re Moving from Seattle to Philly…

  1. Congrats Nijay. Blessings in your new endeavor. I just finished your BBR article on Rom 12:1-2, which was outstanding, by the way. I appreciated your insights.

  2. Thanks Terry and James!

    As for the BBR article, I love studying Romans and I think Rom 12:1-2 contain some of Paul’s most powerful theological and ethical insights. Thanks for the word of appreciation!

  3. All the best with the move, Nijay! I have been enjoying your blog, and really appreciate your insights and the info you provide for the study of the NT. I love the “justice” focus and wish you all the best with your teaching there.

    1. Thanks “S Wu”! I enjoy blogging and I appreciate when I get interaction, so its a win-win!

      Thanks for the comment on the justice focus. Seattle and SPU have turned me into a justice hippie, so I hope to carry that with me wherever I go!

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