Did You Know? (Choco-holics Unite!)

In 1648, according to the diary of English Jesuit Thomas Gage, the women of Chiapas Real arranged for the murder of a certain bishop who forbade them to drink chocolate during mass. In an ironic twist, the pontiff was ultimately found murdered after someone had added poison to his daily cup of chocolate.

Makes you pause before ever saying “Death by Chocolate…”


2 thoughts on “Did You Know? (Choco-holics Unite!)

  1. Hi Amy. thanks for the comment. I was doing some research on problems with anger in the modern world, especially with a view towards learning from Paul’s counsel regarding anger in Colossians 3. In a google search, a Psychology Today article came up with this anecdote about the addictive effects of chocolate. So, viola – a nice bit of strange history.

    Also, I think you’re purdy… 🙂

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