May 2012 Expository Times with NT Wright article on current Pauline Scholarship

See here. NT Wright’s article “Paul in Current Anglophone Scholarship” is a nice, short survey of trends in Pauline research from someone who has had a massive influence on it. He defends his views on the New Perspective. He jabs apocalyptic scholars. He wonders about the possibilities of comparing Paul with the ancient philosophers. He hopes for a more robust approach to studying Paul theologically. It is a very easy and interesting read.

My favorite comment: responding to Pamela Eisenbaum’s book entitled Paul was Not a Christian (because Christianity had not formalized), Wright quips (saying something like): no, he wasn’t; and Moses wasn’t a Jew…

He has very high praise for Richard Hays and Wayne Meeks. I am proud to say my buddy Ben Blackwell gets honorable mention – probably the one of the only person mentioned in the article who graduated from his/her PhD in the last couple of years (though Justin Hardin receives mention as well, way to go Justin!; and Matthew Novenson [now at Edinburgh, thesis monograph in 2012] gets special note for his work on Paul’s view of Jesus as Messiah.)



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