Help! In the Gospel of Luke, what are the most pressing exegetical conundrums?

I am currently reviewing a commentary on Luke and because of its incredible length, I am at a bit of a loss as to where the focus of the review should lie. I am, of course, going to discuss introductory matters (purpose, authorship, context, genre, etc..), but what passages and verses are folks most curious about? What are the most pressing exegetical conundrums?


6 thoughts on “Help! In the Gospel of Luke, what are the most pressing exegetical conundrums?

  1. Not so much an exegetical as much as a theological matter. What does Jesus mean when he “covenants” a kingdom and how does the eating and drinking in the kingdom and judging the twelve tribes relate to this conferral of a kingdom? Luke 22:29,30

  2. Hi, Dr. Gupta:

    About introductory matters, I have published a paper in a Spanish Journal (Estudios BĂ­blicos) about the location of Luke – Acts in Ephesus.

    If you can’t read Spanish you can find a summary in English in the Richard Fellow’s blog with his opinion:

    Yours sincerely,

  3. Luke 16’s parable of the shrewd manager might have a record for the amount of interpretations that have been put forward

  4. What does this author do with Jesus’ extreme calls to discipleship in Luke 12, 14, and 18, especially in relationship to poverty?

  5. A pet interest of mine is seeing how commentators understand the references to enemies and violence in the Magnificat and Benedictus and how these prophecies are ‘fulfilled in the GosLk. Agreed on Jesus’ teachings on money; also, Luke’s understanding of Jesus’ death. Besides treating specific passages, it’ss necessary now to see if the author treats Luke narrativally on its or if redaction criticism is used to compare Lk with the other synoptics.

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