Eugene Boring writes NT Introduction

NT scholar M. Eugene Boring (Brite Divinity School) has written a NT Introduction (coming Oct 2012, WJK). He is well-known for work on the Gospel of Mark and Revelation. Apparently it will be a hefty volume (700+ pages). I am still on the lookout for a good introductory textbook so — fingers crossed!


11 thoughts on “Eugene Boring writes NT Introduction

  1. Hi Nijay, Donald Hagner is coming out with a NT intro (800 + pages) from Baker Academic in Nov 2012. I cannot wait, but it may be too hefty for a classroom text.

  2. Nijay,

    Are you not satisfied with Mark Allan Powell’s recent offering? We switched to his book last year and I really like it. When I taught graduate students I used to use Luke Johnson’s book, but that’s a bit too advanced for our undergraduates.

    1. I have not used Powell, and I was impressed while browsing through a copy. I will need to take another look at it. Thanks for the suggestion.

      I guess I am just looking for something VERY theological (like a NT equivalent to the great OT volume by Brueggemann, Birch, et al). I like LTJ as well, but it is way to hefty. My students need simple! We need a LTJ “lite”!

      1. Yeah, I would like an LTJ “lite” as well. One of the things I have always liked about that volume is summed up in its subtitle: “An Interpretation.” I like that he is providing an interpretive reading of the NT which is appropriately theological in its tone.

    2. I used Powell this past spring at Eastern for first year students. I have mixed feelings. The layout and online resources are great, but it is a lot of material to cover. I will likely return to it next spring, but my eyes are open

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