Crux Sola is Back!

Hello hello! Now that the fall semester is nearly upon us, it is time for me to return to blogging. Without going into detail, let me say that it has been a very long and very challenging summer, but I am excited about this school year and eager to get into the classroom. 

By the way, for those of you who are unaware, I moved this summer from Seattle to Philadelphia – I will be teaching as assistant professor this year at Eastern University. I have already met a number of my colleagues and they are great folks! I am very thankful to have this opportunity.

Eastern has a spectacularly beautiful campus with lakes and bridges and quaint manor-like buildings. The few students I have met were warm and enthusiastic. 



2 thoughts on “Crux Sola is Back!

  1. Dear Prof

    Please Sir, I wish to know whether it would be possible for me to study my PhD with you. I am interested in studying the Gospel of Luke in my PhD. I am a Nigerian with MA and M.Th respective in New Testament.

    Sir, I will be happy to hear from you. Thank you and do remain blessed in the Lord.

    Yours in Him, Godwin Etukumana

  2. Nijay,

    Having just moved from Eastern University to Baylor University, I know the campus and the area. It’s a beautiful little campus with many opportunities (especially with the location being driving distance to UPenn, Princeton, and other wonderful universities/conferences).

    Blessings to you and the students at Eastern,

    Chris Kuhl

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