“Christ Alive and At Large” – Previously Unpublished Works by C.F.D. Moule

When I was reading the book reviews in latest Expository Times (Sept 2012), I stumbled across this book I had previously known nothing about:

Christ Alive and At Large: Unpublished Writings of C.F.D. Moule (Canterbury Press, 2010).

The writings in this anthology (edited by R. Morgan and P. Moule) cover a broad range of sermonic and lecture-like literature from the mind of Prof. Moule. The author of the book review in ExpTis David Catchpole and he has a good many things to say about this commemorative collection of unpublished works. Here is one like that Catchpole writes about Moule: “an Anglican clergyman to his scholarly fingertips, but one with a wide vision and deep convictions nourished by liberal Protestant Anglicanism in the best sense of all three words.” 

In the book, Robert Morgan and Rowan Williams both offer reflections on Moule’s spirituality, scholarship, and legacy.

Barton’s Theology of the Book of Amos

Did you know that John Barton’s Theology of the Book of Amos was released a few months ago? I just discovered this and I checked out the ToC on Googlebooks. It looks well-organized and covers very interesting and important subjects. I am going to try and get my hands on it!

Has anyone read it? What do you think?