Blomberg reviews Croy’s Prima Scripture for RBL

One of my favorite hermeneutics books of recent appearance is Clayton Croy’s Prima Scriptura – articulate, witty, balanced…Craig Blomberg recently published a review of Croy (mostly neutral or positive with a few criticisms). It is interesting in Blomberg’s final paragraph that he questions Baker Press’ choice of publishing so many exegesis/hermeneutics primers in such a short period (Blomberg, then Bauer/Traina, then Croy). I am not sure I resonate with Blomberg’s concern because these texts may overlap slightly in discussions of exegesis, but they also differ on a very good many things including scope. Anyway, I am always blown away by Blomberg’s eye for detail – if you want to learn how to be a sharp reader of texts, learn from this master.


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