Help! What is the best succinct discussion of Romans 9-11?

I am doing a lecture next week on Romans 9-11. Does anyone have recommendations regarding short and succinct entry-points into the controversies of this section and how various scholars have read these chapters?

So far, I am working with Mark Reasoner’s Romans in Full Circle as well as a variety of introductions to Paul and the NT.


Latest JSNT includes Foster’s Critique of Pseudonymous Views of 2 Thessalonians

The Dec 2012 issue of JSNT is online and has some very interesting articles including one by Paul Foster where he calls for a re-evaluation of the scholarly tendency to treat 2 Thessalonians as pseudonymous. Essentially, Foster says, due to developments in research, the very outdated arguments for why 2 Thess was not written by Paul are no longer convincing. I think Foster is right about this, and this also applies (I would argue) to Colossians.