Help! What is the best succinct discussion of Romans 9-11?

I am doing a lecture next week on Romans 9-11. Does anyone have recommendations regarding short and succinct entry-points into the controversies of this section and how various scholars have read these chapters?

So far, I am working with Mark Reasoner’s Romans in Full Circle as well as a variety of introductions to Paul and the NT.


8 thoughts on “Help! What is the best succinct discussion of Romans 9-11?

  1. Moo, wright, bill Campbell. For starters

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  2. Nijay, take a look at Johann Kim’s, God, Israel, and the Gentiles: Rhetoric and Situation in Romans 9-11 (SBL DIssertation Series). I’ve used Johann’s summary of Paul’s argument and students have found it quite helpful. Jim

  3. For a good brief discussion including a general excursus on “Paul and Israel” see the commmentary on Romans by Peter Stuhlmacher (ET by Scott Hafemann []). This could be a good starter for the discussion. He does not offer much in terms of “Forschungsgeschichte”, though.


  4. I like Reasoner’s treatment… you might also consider a couple essays by Barclay written in the last three years… email me if you’re interested.


  5. Please Martin Luther’s work is still one of the best. H.L. Ellison, The Mystery of Israel: An Exposition of Roman 9-11. Exeter: Paternoster, 1976. My Master thesis was on this text in 2007.Please do not forget to read Kasemann’s commentary on Romans. I am very sorry that I did care to read the blog in time.

  6. I would recommend Christopher Zoccali’s book, Whom God Has Called: The Relationship of Church and Israel in Pauline Interpretation, 1920 to the Present (Pickwick, 2010) for an accounting of the major paradigms for interpreting Paul, with his own take on the issue.

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