Latest Currents in Biblical Research (Feb 2013) with my article on authorship of Colossians

The Feb 2013 issue of Currents in Biblical Research is online.

This issue includes an article of mine called: “What is in a Name? The Hermeneutics of Authorship Analysis Concerning Colossians” – my desire is not to solve the authorship debate, but to examine how the landscape of study of authorship has shifted and changed over the years and how the issues are quite complex at the moment. Even our term “authorship” can mean a number of things.

Other articles in this issue include:


    • Joel Edmund Anderson

    The Rise, Fall, and Renovation of the House of Gesenius: Diachronic Methods, Synchronic Readings, and the Debate over Isaiah 36–39 and 2 Kings 18–20

    • Judy Diehl

    ‘Babylon’: Then, Now and ‘Not Yet’: Anti-Roman Rhetoric in the Book of Revelation

    • James A. Kelhoffer

    New Testament Exegesis as an Academic Discipline with Relevance for Other Disciplines

    • David A. Shaw

    Converted Imaginations? The Reception of Richard Hays’s Intertextual Method

    • David Hendin

    Current Viewpoints on Ancient Jewish Coinage: A Bibliographic Essay