My Pauline commentary recommendations in latest issue of Catalyst

The online Methodist seminarian journal Catalyst just posted their Feb 2013 issue, which includes a short article of mine on some Pauline commentary recommendations. My recommendations change pretty much daily, but I will say that, right now, as I am teaching through Galatians, I find Richard Hays’ Galatians commentary (NIB) spectacularly rewarding!

For Catalyst, see here.

3 thoughts on “My Pauline commentary recommendations in latest issue of Catalyst

  1. This might sound crazy but an oldie on 2 Corinthians written by Christian Kling I would consider the best, which in many ways is sad because one is supposed ot stand on the shoulders of those who go before.

    No mention of Luke Timothy Johnson’s commentary on Romans? It is very good. I agree Witherington is good for Galatians as well as Fee. I am suprised you did not mention Martyn. He is essential. Charles Cousar is also very good on Galatians

  2. Thanks for the comment. I am not familiar with Kling, but I will see if I can track it down. As for LTJ – too many good commentaries on Romans to mention all my favs. Actually, I like Jewett and I think Keck is also very good. As for Martyn, I don’t own it (too expensive!), so I guess it didn’t come readily to mind. I like his apocalyptic perspective, but I think he is too hard on the Law (for Paul). Hays strikes a nice balance, I think, between a salvation-historical perspective on Paul and an apocalyptic one…

    1. Kling wrote in the 1860s, but I noticed that Thisleton referenced him a couple times in his 1 Cor commentary, Kling also did a 1 Cor commentary

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