Need Your Reading Suggestions on Gospel of Matthew

In the fall, I will have the privilege of teaching a seminary course on Matthew. This will be my first time teaching on the first gospel (I have taught John several times). I have a good handle of the commentaries I will be making reference to, but otherwise I am open and looking for reading suggestions for insightful essays, articles, and monographs.

What monographs, essays, and articles have you found most insightful in the study of Matthew?

While I am especially interested in theological pieces, I am also looking for eminent pieces regarding historical and literary features.


As far as videos are concerned, I have enjoyed the following ones:

Tom Wright has a series of short videos on Matthew from 2011

Donald Hagner did a series of videos on the Gospels and Matthew for Public Christianity

Paula Gooder introduces Matthew (St. Johns Nottingham Project)

Graham Stanton talks about the Kingdom of God (St. Johns Nottingham Project)

Stanton and Dunn talk about the Parables (St. Johns Nottingham Project)

Bauckham talks about the Gospels and Eyewitness Testimony (St. Johns Nottingham Project)

Martin Hengel on the Gospels and History