Paul and the Law – Coming Soon from Brian Rosner

It would be a serious understatement to say that the subject of Paul’s understanding of the law is much studied. Indeed, there are some good studies, and there are a good number of weak studies. Brian Rosner is coming out with a new book entitledĀ Paul and the Law: Keeping the Commandments of God (IVP, 9/2013), I have every expectation that this will be one of the finest studies on the topic. Rosner did his dissertation on Paul’s use of the OT in 1 Corinthians, and has been a leading scholar in Pauline ethics. He knows how to write clearly and argue cogently.

To get more familiar with Rosner, you might want to check out the audio from a sermon on “The Wisdom of the Cross” that he gave.

Rosner is completing his first year as the principal of Ridley College, Melbourne.

April 11-13 – Missio Alliance Conference in DC

Tomorrow I will be making a day trip to the inaugural “Missio Alliance” conference held in Alexandria, VA. Thursday, the only day I can attend, will feature plenary talks by Scot McKnight & Don Coleman, as well as Cherith Fee-Nordling with Tory Baucum and Alan & Deb Hirsch. Friday will include a number of workshops and the conference will conclude on Saturday with a couple of additional plenaries.

At 700 registrants, this event has sold out! But, if you are interested, they are offering a “live video stream” option for Ī± reasonable fee ($70).

Part of the reason I am going to this gathering, aside from the excellent topic and speakers, is the fact that my new teaching institution, Northeastern Seminary, is one of the sponsors.

Anyone else out there attending?