Summary of Keener’s Miracles Book and More in Latest Catalyst Issue

The online Methodist journal Catalyst contains a couple of noteworthy articles. First, in only a few pages, Craig Keener summarizes his Miracles book-set. Andy Crouch talks about the future of theological education. Also, J. Christian Stratton offers brief comments on commentary suggestions for Philippians, Colossians, Philemon, 1-2 Thessalonians, and the Pastoral Epistles.  (BTW – Catalyst now has a Facebook page).

Real quick, here are Stratton’s suggestions:

Philippians: Silva (BECNT), O’Brien (NIGTC), Fee (NICNT), Bockmuehl (BNTC), Hansen (PNTC), Still (S&H).

Colossians: Dunn (NIGTC), Moo (PNTC), Pao (ZECNT), Thompson (THNTC).

Philemon: Fitzmyer (AB); also mentions Moo and Thompson

1-2 Thessalonians: Green (PNTC), Witherington, Fee (NICNT), Shogren (ZECNT).

Pastorals: Marshall (ICC), Mounce (WBC), Towner (NICNT), Wall/Steele (THNTC)

Stratton tips his hat to the Ancient Christian Commentary.

Nijay’s Additions

Philippians: Morna Hooker (NIB) and Dean Fleming; work of Peter Oakes and Joseph Hellerman

Colossians: Andrew Lincoln (NIB) and NT Wright (Tyndale)

Philemon: John Barclay has a nice treat in his T & T Clark guide

1-2 Thessalonians: Witherington is very good; also Michael Holmes (NIVAC)

Pastorals: Gordon Fee has a nice short treatment in the NIBC.


2 thoughts on “Summary of Keener’s Miracles Book and More in Latest Catalyst Issue

  1. 1-2 Thessalonians: Abraham Malherbe (Yale Anchor Bible). It was his magnum opus. He worked on it for 20 years or more.

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