Two Soon-Coming ICC Commentaries (James & 1-2 Thess)

2013 will see the publication of two ICC volumes  – James by Dale Allison Jr and 1-2 Thessalonians by Karl Donfried. The former will be released, according to Amazon, next month. No doubt many of us will feel sticker-shock – $130. But one could argue you are getting your bang for the buck, because at 848 pages, no other James commentary can rival it in length (even McKnight’s hefty NICNT volume is a mere 532 pp). The comments on James 1:1 alone take up 22 pages!

Of course, page number is not that important all by itself. What matters is substance, and we have come to expect penetrating analyses from Allison, so I imagine the same for James.

In the fall, we will see Karl Donfried’s 1-2 Thessalonians at a more modest $75.00 (and 640 pp.). Donfried is quite well-known and respected in the study of these epistles, so many will see this as the capstone of a lifetime of study.

3 thoughts on “Two Soon-Coming ICC Commentaries (James & 1-2 Thess)

  1. Thanks for the notification. I wasn’t aware that either were so close to being released. Can’t wait to see both!

  2. Dale Allison’s James commentary has already been released (at least in the US). Amazon shipped me my copy a week or two ago.

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