The God Who Calls and Sends (Brueggemann)

“God’s call disrupts the lives of settled people, both in biblical times and now. God sends, then and now, to transform the present world, subject to alien powers, into the world God intends. Discipleship and evangelism are, therefore, not primarily about church membership and recruitment but about an alternative way of being in the world for the sake of the world” — W. Brueggemann (“The God Who Calls, the God Who Sends”)

Early Christianity and also JSNT have new issues published (TOCs online)

Mohr Siebeck’s Early Christianity has their first issue of 2013 published. This issue’s contributors include Loren Stuckenbruck on 1 Enoch as well as my buddy Ben Reynolds on apocalypticism in the Gospel of John.

On FB, Mark Goodacre posted about his new article in the June 2013 JSNT on the Nag Hammadi discovery.